As an employee benefit, health insurance is one of the most important programs that your employees are considering when it comes to attracting and retaining employees. As an employee benefit, health insurance can make the difference between a high or low employee turnover rates.
No two companies are exactly alike. It is first important for us to understand your company’s goals, and priorities when it comes to group health insurance.

We help you understand what your broker is telling you about your plan and help determine additional alternatives to the plans presented. If necessary, we will help you locate a broker to assist you in this process

Below is a rough guideline of some of the steps that we use when assisting a client with group health insurance.

Group Health Insurance – Initial Meeting

We believe it is important to sit down together and get to know in-person about your company. We want to know what challenges your business face. What are your company’s specific objectives when it comes to your benefit package? During this initial fact-finding we will ask you about what group health insurance plan(s) that you currently have. What are your current likes and dislikes? What is your current turnover and if you feel your current benefits package is attracting and retaining the employees that are most helpful for you to be successful in your industry.

Current Group Health Insurance Plan Design and Rates

This is used as a starting point.

Group Health Insurance Company Goals

If money was not a factor every company would select the best available group health insurance on the market. The reality of it all is that companies need to watch their bottom line and attempt to get the best quality health insurance for the value. We may be recommending several types of plans based upon a class basis or point of enrollment basis.

Group Health Insurance Claims Experience

Depending upon where your company is located, the company’s size and the claims incurred may or may not be a factor. If Claims are a factor we would them to determine if there are any common characterizes. This could be useful in designing and implementing a Wellness program to promote healthy life styles.

Employee Demographics

Group Health Insurance premiums vary across the country. Based upon our specific employee demographic and corporate structure we can determine whether we should be using one national carrier or a smaller local carrier. We need to make sure that employees have good accessibility to plan providers.

Group Health Insurance - An Accurate Employee Census

Group health Insurance - Fact finding and Competitive Quotes

Group health Insurance – Recommendations

Group Health Insurance – Enrollment

We are sure you will agree that as an employee benefit, health insurance is not only important to your employees but is important to you and your family. As an employee benefit health insurance is likely the single most important service that you can provide for your company.

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