Employer Back to School: 7 Strategies to Save for College

Here are the best ways to save for college and the tax and other advantages (and disadvantages) of each one.
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Employer Beware: Affiliated Service Group Is a Single Employer for Benefit and Health Care Coverage Testing

Secs. 414(b) and 414(c) require that all employees of commonly controlled corporations or trades or businesses be treated as employees of a single corporation or trade or business. But by arranging the ownership of related business entities in an artificial manner, the rules established by these sections can be avoided
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coporate compliance: The consequences of loosing good standing status

All corporations should be aware of the serious consequences that lossing good standing status can have. As long as businessess  comply with all these requirements, they are designated as being in "good standing" on the state's records, and they keep all the rights and privileges of doing busines as a statutory entity.
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The importance of being flexible: Choice-of-entity considerations

Generally, the first consideration in setting up a business is the choice of entity in which to conduct the business. To that end, there are tax and nontax considerations. This item presents an overview of some of the tax points that should be kept in mind when choosing an entity. It focuses primarily on the taxation of the partnership and corporate forms of doing business, the pros and cons of each, as well as the distinctions between C corporations and S corporations. Read more...

The Health Care Law's Effect on Your TAx RetuRn

The Health Care Law's Effect on Your Tax Return The Affordable Care Act contains tax provisions that affect the 2014 income tax return you file this year. Almost everyone is affected by the individual shared responsibility provision while only people who purchased coverage through the Marketplace are affected by the premium tax credit. The following chart will help you better understand what you need to do on your tax return. Read more...


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Employer Beware
Affiliated Service Group Is a Single Employer for Benefit and Health Care Coverage Testing
Health Care Law's Effect on Your Tax ReturN
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